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  • Civil Service Institute Pala
  • Civil Service Institute Pala
  • Civil Service Institute Pala
  • Civil Service Institute Pala
  • Civil Service Institute Pala
  • Civil Service Institute Pala

Civil Service Institute

The Civil Service Institute was founded in January, 1998, sponsored jointly by the Archdiocese of Changanacherry and the dioceses of Palai and Kanjirappally as a part of the Inter-diocesan Centre for Human Resources Development.

The Institute is meant to advance the career prospects of young people who have the potential for high-ranking Civil Service placement, but cannot afford the expensive coaching available only in big cities. As it is, quite a lot of our young people who are talented and would compete with skill and tenacity are handicapped by being unable to get access to quality coaching and up-to-date study materials. Some candidates opt out of the race for want of proper motivation or through the mistaken notion that for a person with non-urban background, Civil Services placement is an impossible dream. The Centre expects to bring Civil Services training within easy reach of the candidates and it hopes to fulfil this mission by providing top quality training at the lowest possible cost. The Institute functions as a career centre, too. It provides information on job opportunities to job-seekers and conducts job specific coaching programmes. Further, it provides expert counselling on job related matters. The Institute carries out, besides, a variety of HRD functions such as providing training in public speaking and group discussion, conducting model interviews and organizing leadership programmes and camps.

Harikrishna Pai

Civil Service Interview Coaching :

Civil Service Institute, Pala will conduct free coaching for Civil Service Interview for candidates who had appeared for Civil Service Mains examination held in December 2013. The class will be held at City Campus of the Institute, Lourdes Centre, Thiruvanathapuram for one week from February 24 onwards and shall consist of mock interview sessions and classes led by experts in the field.  The expert team includes Shri. T.P Sreenivasan (Vice chairman, Kerala State Higher Education Council), Dr. Alexander Jacob (ADGP), Smt. J Lalithambika (Former Chief Secretary), Shri. T.K Jose (Chairman, Coconut Development Board), Dr. B. Sandhya (ADGP), Shri. Muhammed Haneesh IAS, Shri. Harikishore IAS, Shri. P.V Nooh IAS, and others.

The second phase of the programme will be held in Interactions, Delhi from March 5 onwards. Those who are interested may register their names at the office.
Contact Details – 9447421011, 9447809721

Interview Coaching

Haritha V Kumar

Orientation Camp

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The Institute is located in an atmosphere of serene rural charm at the eastern edge of St. Thomas College campus, on the banks of the Meenachil River. The Institute can be accessed through the Pastoral Centre Road, which runs parallel to the river along the eastern boundary of the campus. If you are entering the campus through the western gate, keep going till you come within sight of the New Library Block, take a right there, keep going and the Civil Service Institute is on your left.